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Dallah Hotels & Resorts was founded in 1995 under the guidance of Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel, Chairman and founder of the Dallah Albaraka Group (DBG). We provide superior management and support services for hotel owners. Dallah Management's mission of building the values of our client's hotel investments is accomplished through implementation of our unique management style. The company's management philosophy for every hotel includes the following priorities:

  • Maximizing the return for our investors by building occupancy from the implementation of numerous sales and marketing programs.
  • Building strong relationships with hotel franchisers and other "partners" for success.
  •  Recruit the industry's most talented management professionals.
  • Keep owners informed with frequent communication.
  • Reduce the owners' risk by focusing on effective safety and security programs

If you're in search of a one-stop hotel and resort management company, you're at the right place.

Yasir Sulaiman Magboul
Executive General Manager
Dallah Hotels & Resorts-Saudi Arabia.

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